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Ms. Schooley is an experienced vocal teacher with an extensive performance career. She has devoted her time to teaching privately and has founded many different classes for music and voice training.

Voice Training

Anne Schooley has devoted her time and experience teaching vocal music and performance. Her voice classes include all ages with a diverse repertoire of styles including: sacred, broadway, classical, opera, pop, and country. Audition preparation and voice training for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students.

Music Training

Ms. Schooley plays a pivotal role in the Saint Paul School of Music as the director of the school. The school is devoted to teaching music lessons in all areas of instrumental studies. Guitar, Piano, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Strings, and Voice. Summer camps are available through the school of music. The school is located in the St. Paul United Methodist Church on Mary Lou Retton Drive, Fairmont West Virginia. For more information click here. Ms. Schooley also maintains a private studio with Harrison County YWCA.

Previous Students

During the past several years she has devoted time to training young students. Many of these students have gone on to have successes including awards for singing, active careers in their profession, or teaching and performing in the United States or abroad.